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Full Production Audiobook Narration

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Recording Studio
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Choir kept me in high school (thanks Mr. Nall!), classical singing put me through college, and then I found my purpose assisting fire fighters, veterans and police officers as a fulfilling decades-long career path. My wife and I also own our own marketing company, have a successful real-estate investing business, and in 2019 I found my new passion narrating audiobooks. I have about 100 released now under my name and my pseudonym which I use for some of the racier titles (since we have young sons who are going to be on the internet one day)

My acting training, along with a cast of crazy people I've met over the years, have  assisted me in my character performances.  I can perform a range of character dialects, and am accomplished at self-directing to deliver the best possible dialogue performance.

I'm open to working in all audiobook genres, especially romance, fantasy and sci-fi.  I believe my background and multitude of hobbies would also make me an excellent choice for any non-fiction projects you may need cast. My home studio and training in editing/mastering makes it very easy for me to meet deadlines, and I'm proud that I've been entrusted with bringing so many author's "babies" to life for their listeners.

Since I've had some requests, here's my studio hardware/software:
Microphones: Neumann TLM-103 Condenser, Neumann BCM-104 Condenser, Synco D2 Shotgun
Interface: FocusRite Scarlett Studio 3rdGen
DAW: Studio One Professional
Mastering: Izotope RX8

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